City Index

City Index was established in 1983 and has become one of the world’s leading spread betting and contract for difference (CFD) trading providers. It now has trading in more than 12,000 global markets, including shares, commodities, forex, indices, and Bitcoin. City Index offers traders several platforms, all free, including its advanced platform, AT Pro. Mobile applications are also available for iOS and Android devices. Users can create demo accounts and explore a wide range of educational material on the City Index website and YouTube channel, learning and practicing without risk. 

City Index’s parent company is Gain Capital Holdings, which also owns other well-known trading brands, such as and Finspreads. Gain Capital Holdings is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and must meet its standards for financial reporting and corporate governance. Spread betting allows U.K. clients to trade tax-free, because no capital gains tax is imposed on profits. The same or similar tax-benefits may apply to clients from outside the U.K. but they will need to check. Both CFD trading and spread betting allows clients to trade U.K. stocks without paying stamp duty as the underlying asset is not owned.