Take The First Step

Since now you know what Forex is and familiar with some basic terminology, you need to know how to get started with some practice. Theory can’t teach you much unless it is accompanied by practice. So, the next thing you need to do is to find a broker, sign up for a demo account, download a trading platform and start practicing.

Choose A Forex Broker

  1. There are so many Forex Brokers, available all over the world. Some are legitimate brokers and some are scams. So, it is important to do enough research on the credibility of a broker before you decide to open an account. Make sure you look for the reviews about the broker and read about the customer complaints. Just a simple Google search can reveal a lot of information about the credibility of a broker.
  2. Forex brokers earn money with the spread. Whenever you place a trade, the broker charges a fee or a commission per trade or a spread as a transaction cost. So, make sure you compare the transaction costs of various brokers and choose the one that suits you.
  3. It is also very important to know whether trading with a broker is going to be hassle-free and make your trading easy. Check if they have a good customer support and can be easily contacted when you face problems. Make sure they offer a user-friendly and useful trading platform. Also, find out if they are going to make the deposit and withdrawal of the funds easy. You can find out all these information by reading the reviews about the broker.

Register For A Demo Account

A demo account is free with most of the Forex Brokers. With a demo account, you can practice trading with absolutely zero risk. You can learn technical analysis and test your skills with your demo account.

You should practice demo trading until you know all the fundamentals and get comfortable in trading. This is very important; that is why we have written it in bold letters. It is by continuous practice you will learn all the ins and outs of trading. Since you are not dealing with real money, you can place as many trades as you want and test out your strategies. It is all important to learn everything about your trading platforms. You can explore the world of indicators and learn to use them.

Learn The Trading Platform

Once you open a demo account, download the trading platform offered by the broker. Most of the brokers use MT4 or MT5, but they usually offer their own customized version of Metatrader. Take your time to learn the trading platform and explore all the features available. This is the tool you will be working with; so it is mandatory to have a strong hand on your trading platform.

There are many video tutorials available on YouTube that teach you basic things like how to open a trade, how to partially or fully close the trade, how to install an indicator, how to change the settings, etc.. Whenever you learn about an indicator or a strategy, a practice that in your trading platform with your demo account.